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Established since 1967, Cobra Rugby Club is one of the oldest rugby club and still active til today. It has produced many of the country's top players and coaches and still continues to do so. All levels are welcome and programs ranges from Junior(6 to 16 years), Seniors (17 onwards), Veterans (35 above) for both Men and Women. 



MASMMAA is the national body for MMA in Malaysia. RMG Sports will be their national training center and classes will be available to the public. Striking (Muay Thai/Boxing base) and Grappling (BJJ/Wrestling) classes to be announced.


Sports Bandits is a South East Asia’s most awesome co-ed social sports community aimed at bringing together people from all walks of life through team sports and love of the game. Behind our motto, "Get Active, Get Social", Sports Bandits is an outlet for those who are looking for a fun and healthy way to meet others by bonding through sports and post-game meet-ups. We take the headaches of securing venue, players, and equipment out of the equation - all you need to is enroll and show up! Sign up today for co-ed basketball, Check out www.sportsbandits.com for more information!


Get your group together and book!




A variety of workouts designed with a goal to improve performance not just in your game but daily life as well. Workout sessions suits beginners, intermediate and high levels. Regardless of levels, we want you to put in the effort to be a better version you and our trainers will help you get there. 

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Workout on your own via OPEN GYM


Sports Injury Consultation, Physiotherapy, Sports Massage and Overall Recovery/Rehabilitation. Open to all and not exclusive to Sportsmen only. 

Sideline Medical Care for Events available. 

We are back in session! The Court is available for booking.  SOPS apply.

The Gym and MMA will be closed until further notice.

Appreciate everyone's kind understani