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It's More Than Just Sports.

Sports is more than just recreation. It Binds, It Breaks. It is both a kind and harsh teacher. It Brings Joy and Sadness. Celebrate in Victory and in Defeat. It's a part of our life. Let's Celebrate it.

25 Pushups

"TING!" facebook sends me a notification. Noting the time as it being in the morning, I knew what to expect. It's Rashid Salleh taking his morning walk. He caps off the video with 25 Pushups.

It's his 44th day of 25 pushups. Everyday for 44 days, he puts in 25 Pushups. In tow, one of his friends on fb does his 25 pushups too on the same feed.

This is his message:

"Day 44 of the 25 push-ups to raise awareness for PTSD, anxiety, depression and mental health.

Keep going. See how far we can go. Spread the word.

Don’t be afraid to speak out or even give me a call. We all need someone to talk to."

No nominations required. If you feel you relate, put in the 25 push-ups.

You might think its another media personality trying to get clicks. Joe from Kopitiam might be inclined. Ha!

Joe is an act. On that degree, we are all Joes. Life throws expectations at you for simply being a man. As a man, you are expected to act on it. There'll be a point that you've gone so deep into your act, you forget the truth of who you are.

"Fake it til you Make it gone Black Mirror"

social media can really get you twisted.

I'm no psychologist or mental health expert but go an try to verbalise your feelings and emotions to your buddy or your partner. Try and write it all down on a social media post and have a sharing session. Getting into a cage with Khabib might be an easier thing to do.

And there-in lies the point, talking is not easy to do. Sounding sexist, Men don't "talk" very well nor do they realise their act can be destructive. Communicate they do but in their own way.

25 Push-ups. It's one way. It can help.

"Ting!" Another notification. An old schoolmate just shared a video of him doing 25 push-ups. A friend who's a world away (literally) from Rashid. So he is not alone in this. We are not alone in this.


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