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Cobra Legends: Penang Rocks

This is a follow up write-up to Tackling.

I love Penang. Penang 10s Rugby. December 2017.

Coaching U16 Cobrats. Playing for Cobra Legends. Double shift for the Black and Gold.

This is a Cobra Legends Story. The U16 story...next one.

Taking the field with long time teammates is always a pleasure. Older and less fit but once those boots are on, ball in hand, them feet are itching to GO! I got to flex my skills a bit in front of my junior players. Sometimes, the young guns need to know that their coach can walk (almost literally 😉) and not just talk. After finishing the group stages, we entered the playoffs for 3rd place in the tournament.

2 hands on the ball. Eyes up looking for options. Oh yes, the fundamentals are spot on. This was probably the only time I ran with the ball. After that, I played the human speed-bump.

The final game. Cobra Legends vs Cobra Old Stars.

The Old Stars are the Snakes from Cobrats Penang Chapter. Old Stars Game plan. Keep the ball close to the bigs, attack the weak links i.e. the smaller guys. It made sense. It also meant taking out a play maker. Keeping the running close to the breakdown also meant a higher chance of retaining the ball. Distance from one breakdown to another is shorter thus less running thus also conserving energy.

AND that worked for them so far especially without an out and out speedster.

Tactically, that meant their game plan was well-suited against our line-up. Fly half. Me. Smaller guy. Me.

I was coaching, now I’m playing. Junior players watching. On away ground. Club President watching.

Jersey on. Knee Guards on. Pressure on.

Lining up. Look left. A legend. Look right. A legend.

Look within.

Be a Cobra Legend. No weak link.

Legends 10 (2 Tries). Old Stars 5 (1 Try).

Legends Rocked Penang.

Pesta Rugby Penang has always been good fun. That Red Rugby ball with the Coconut tree logo is a classic. Cobra Legends Captain Gabby (black sleeveless) with the plaque. Gabby (former Malaysian Rugby Captain) is a real Malaysian Rugby Legend.

Post Beat Down pictures. All smiles now. Nasi Kandar Recovery session the next day. As you do in Penang.


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