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It's More Than Just Sports.

Sports is more than just recreation. It Binds, It Breaks. It is both a kind and harsh teacher. It Brings Joy and Sadness. Celebrate in Victory and in Defeat. It's a part of our life. Let's Celebrate it.


Nothing happens overnight!

“Like I’ve always said, keep plugging away and it’ll happen for you”

Gary Cane, Rugby Educator.

Simple in words but something else in execution. This is where you have to stay consistent. Be there, turn up and keep putting the work in. There are so many analogies that you can use.

I’ve mentioned before that there is no sure fire way to determine results but you can work on your process. But keep working at it.

“No Substitute to Hard Work”

Says every self-help guru.

For 2018, The U8 team is good but never good enough to break the top. Not enough to get the desired results anyway. It’s not so much winning but the way you win is very important. Especially at this young age, you want to cultivate good habits and good values. The Under 8 team won the Highland Games in May and did it playing good team rugby against a very good team.

Coach Vicks getting the kids motivated. He and Coach Cherian led the team for day. THANKFULLY. In a mix-up of scorecards, the wrong score was given which would have meant the kids would miss the playoffs. Luckily, it was spotted by these coaches and the rightful team made the final. Results: Champions. They want the best, they also give their best!

We did it again winning 1st and 3rd (we fielded 2 teams) at the Cobra 10s Mini in November.

But the message is staying consistent.

Consistency in Mindset and Message. Consistency in Action. Stay Consistent.

“Sikit-sikit, nanti jadi bukit”

Old Malay Proverb.


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