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It's More Than Just Sports.

Sports is more than just recreation. It Binds, It Breaks. It is both a kind and harsh teacher. It Brings Joy and Sadness. Celebrate in Victory and in Defeat. It's a part of our life. Let's Celebrate it.

Fighter's Will

Grind...Grind...Grind....Don't Stop. Breathe. Don't Stop. Suck it up. Don't Stop.

Keep going.. Straight to the Top!

What fight is it this weekend? Yep, it's a BJJ tourney. Where is it this time? Probably that small quiet town again.

Keep going..

Wait. Gi or No-Gi? Heck, I'll be ready. Next up, Muay Thai. And the one after, Boxing. Mix it up, Judo. Let's go crazy, Sambo. You just never know.

Break it down, striking, grappling, submissions. That's all it is. It's just another fight. Just another fighter in the way to get to the top of the food chain.

A few more kilometres and cardio's done. Breathe. Don't Stop. Just a bit more.

There's always a fight. This is me. A Fighter's life.

Cardio's done. Weights and then HIIT. The pain seeps in as I push my limits. Keep Going. Suck it up.

Keep Going.. need to be Strong.. I will be Stronger.

Another Tourney, Another W. I collect my win vouchers and Limp off. I'll get a mention in the small print of the local daily. Maybe.

And another day with ice packs. The only day I let my body tells me it's in pain. It's my “Sunday”. Tomorrow, I tell my body to shut the F%#@ up. The fighter's life continues.

Borneo Tribal Squad. Aj Pyro aka Ayung (Far Right) is Coach, Trainer and Tribal Chief of the gym. He's your guy for life.

Fighter's Build or Build a Fighter? Whatever, run the gauntlet. You spar. You against the gym. 3 fresh guys cycling in. Then a 6-guy rotation. Ante up with 10 dudes beating on you. Keep Going. Suck it up.

Kick Ass one day. Ass Kicked another day. That Korean Kickboxer was good. I was better. But judges thought otherwise. Freaking Point System. All he did was kick more than me. He'd gone down if it weren't for bodypads. It sucks but that's how it works.

Fatigue. Focus. I'm losing it but I keep going. No one’s ever 100% come training or fight night. Suck in the pain. Micro-Seconds. Millimetres. Body needs to be tuned. No room for mistakes. Keep going. Suck it in.

Mama doesn't like to see her baby boy getting beat. Papa doesn't think what I do is respectable. My buddies think I'm toiling away my life just to get my face busted up. My Girlfriend doesn't.....Sorry, I'm single now. We broke up. Between Fighting and a full-time job, not much time for love. That’s the Inner Fight.

A Mix Martial Artist whose background is Silat and Rugby.

That's it! Breathe. Time to release the pressure. Time for meditation and Yoga. Eyes closed. Let the other senses take over. Find the balance. Strength of Body, Strength of Mind. Outer, Inner. Breathe...Release.....Breathe …..Release.....

I take time-off to review my life. The Fighter's life. I can't be in this grind anymore and I ask myself what's next? I’ve trained hard, harder than anyone I know. I've fought everywhere and everyone. I need to plan a new road. The fighter's road to glory.

You can't fight if you don't eat right. No Junk. No Snacks. No Drinks. Carbs, Protein Shakes, Vitamins, Supplements, F#*k PEDs, Fibres. Rest. Sleep. Recover.

I take a break to visit a friend in hospital. A Japanese Fighter, fell on the wrong side of a unanimous decision to some American fighter's wrestling and ground and pound.

The Jap is a great fighter. Word has it that he shouldn't have gone the distance but he did Only because of Pride. But that can take you only so far, Ultimately, he got taken down by a bigger and hungrier Fighter. There's always somebody bigger, hungrier, if not better than you.

My fight isn’t done.

The cycle continues. Grind. Grind. Grind. Cardio. Weight. Strength. Conditioning. Spar. Got to make weight! Don't Stop!

Breathe. Keep Going! Can't Stop! Won't Stop! Breathe! Suck it up!

Hisyam Samsudin (Middle of Pic) just won his fight amidst a personal tragedy. For him and his coach AJ Pyro, the win was about honour, respect and family.

This is my road. The road is a long and tough one. The Fighter's life. My Fighter's life.

I will fight. Blood, Sweat and Tears!


I will enter the cage. I will fight the biggest and the hungriest. I will know no fear.


I will not stop until I reach the Top. I will be the best.


I will.


NOTE: This is a tribute to Fighters like AJ Pyro and Hisyam. Fighters who grind it out all day, all night. It's a hard road and very few ever can ever retire like Conor McGregor or GSP.

Aj Pyro still fights. His next bout is on March 30th in Manila. Follow him on his @ajpyro instagram and facebook OR his gym Borneo Tribal Squad.

I've never been in a cage. I fight a different fight. Everybody is fighting something. There's a fighter in everybody.


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