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Intangible Treasure

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

1998. Lining up for a League Final

It’s been 20 years since me and my brother joined the club. We joined at the prompting of our mum who knew we loved the game and thought it would be a good idea to go let loose at the club. Of course, the club being near to home was not a bad thing. I have always heard about Cobra but never knew much except that it played good rugby. I discovered that it was more than just rugby here. I put the term “Intangibles”.

The team (pic) is an example: Check the diversity. Malaysians (Malay, Chinese, Indian, Ceylonese, East Malaysian etc) and Kiwis, Welsh, Irish, English. That was me and my brother’s 1st season at the club and from my recollection, it was the first season for several guys on that team. That team pic was taken at the Final of the Selangor league.

So think about it, a diverse bunch of guys of various age groups to come together so quickly and win? That’s the “Intangible” factor which this club has. The source of this “Intangible”?

Do we go back to the root of it all with the founder who started it all in 1967? The guys who stuck through thick and thin for each other to play the game in the 70s?

Guys who took on a Kiwi team to win? If you didn’t have money but needed support to play the game, the team would come together to help?

The Husband and Wife team that ran the club bar? Players getting together with friends and family to pool money together to build our new club house? Is it that spot called the Cobra Corner?

To have that uncle or mentor or aunt that will tell you the truth? To have friends to guide you through tough times? Or just be there? There was always Uncle Yeoh. We hardly spoke but to have him always there, gave me a sense of comfort.

To accept all cultures regardless of race? It’s who you are as a person?

Looking back, what we achieved is quite the miracle. Could it be the history? The club has a lot of history, Bad and Good. But it’s the kind of history that has an “Intangible” quality that is more often under appreciated. The team of ’98 won that league final. It was the start of a lot of good rugby and great bonds that still last till today. An intangible treasure.


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