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It's More Than Just Sports.

Sports is more than just recreation. It Binds, It Breaks. It is both a kind and harsh teacher. It Brings Joy and Sadness. Celebrate in Victory and in Defeat. It's a part of our life. Let's Celebrate it.

Junior Rugby Coaching: Parents!

"My boy was running down the field, he got tackled and hit the ground hard. My heart jumped. My heart motioned me to run to my child. But he got up, brushed the dirt off and went back to join the game. He didn't cry for her and yelped in pain. He's not a baby anymore. My proud mummy moment."

A story from a parent. Her son was around 8 years old at the time. NOTE: I was not the coach for this team.

This story tells me the impact you can have as a coach. It's awesome when the child you coach takes that step to get up after being taken to ground. To react to the challenge positively overcoming pain and fear!

But the story is not just about the child but the mother overcoming her own pain and fear for her child! You never really know what goes on in a parent's mind. This is especially so when a parent is new to the game. New to the game or not, they are taking a huge step in entrusting you to coach their child play a full contact sport.

"I trust you Coach."

a parent said to me once.

Powerful words. NOT to take lightly.

Building Trust by playing together. Pictures taken after Parents and Coaches Touch Rugby Session. A Great Morning Out!

Trust goes both ways.

Technically, the hours you spend with your players should be less than the parent. By that logic, the parent should know a thing or 2 more about their child than the coach. Can you handle their feedback?

"I'm no rugby player but I'm telling you, you need to see how other sports are doing it."

notes from another parent.

Ever encountered such a parent? Unwarranted Criticism? Living the dream through their child? Can't let go and trying to nose in?

Being the more knowledgeable expert in the field, it's easy to dismiss whatever they have to say.

"Coach, if I may make a suggestion? I noticed..."

a parent worried on over-stepping her grounds but I'm glad she did.

This was the first time this particular parent came to me during a tournament. Actually, it was the first time ever over the years I've coached, she decided to step in. I took the suggestion to note, figured it out a little and applied it. The parent's suggestions turned out to be a good one.

Having said all this. I'm a Parent and a Coach.


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