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It's More Than Just Sports.

Sports is more than just recreation. It Binds, It Breaks. It is both a kind and harsh teacher. It Brings Joy and Sadness. Celebrate in Victory and in Defeat. It's a part of our life. Let's Celebrate it.


Updated: May 13, 2020

“Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.”

The dictionary

The word takes on a life of its own when it comes to having kids learn the game. There’s so many things to teach, so much information to retain and keeping them engaged. Finally, the issue of results. Is the team getting results?

As I’ve mentioned before, results doesn’t mean winning. To me, it means, are you learning the game and able to put it onto the field? It’s as simple as making a pass let alone catching a pass. Or identifying a gap in the defense and ensuring you or your teammates fill it. Or even encouraging your teammate who’s feeling down.

When it comes to kids, they all mature differently and it’s tough to determine when they actually get it.

“I’ve not seen them play in awhile, but they’ve gotten so much better” a parent

In a recent series of games, I knew the team has made decent progress but I didn’t realise by how much. The video below, the U9 team managed to Flow a few passes together to open up the defense and score a try. When you're so close to it, a fresh pair of eyes is welcome. Be it Negative or Positive a review. Positive this time.

When it comes to kids, there are moments when you feel you’ve achieved a significant milestone.

"Hey, you have anything to help me with my team?"

A coach looking for solutions

"Stay with it boys, your moment will come."

A coach trying to motivate his players

"Bro, they just went another level"

an ecstatic Coach

Coach Izan and Coach Helmi. Flex them Gunz!

Now for Coach Izan, there’s no more significant milestone like last weekend. For many years, they’ve always met with a Brick wall for a try line. But last weekend, they broke through that wall. Yes, they won a competition BUT it’s how they won! Everything came together. They put a DOMINANT performance to go UNDEFEATED in 2 days of rugby to take the Cup! Heartbreak no more!

“Patience and Perseverance have a Magical Effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish”

John Quincy Adams

The story of Team U11 started a few years ago. There were moments when the wall was insurmountable and the team wavered. To the players, parents and coaches, you wavered but did not break. Like Rocky Balboa, it's how hard you get up! SALUTE!

TEAM U11 - How does Victory Taste?


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