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It's More Than Just Sports.

Sports is more than just recreation. It Binds, It Breaks. It is both a kind and harsh teacher. It Brings Joy and Sadness. Celebrate in Victory and in Defeat. It's a part of our life. Let's Celebrate it.


It was a pickup game and my big man Dre was setting up the pick. Drove hard around the pick. My guy on D slammed hard onto Dre. Dre's defender switches on to me quick. As with the pick, I was expecting the roll. The gap was there, bounce pass into the gap for Dre to finish with an Easy layup. BUT....he wasn't there.

Rather than cutting to the hoop, he stepped back expecting the pass to make a jumpshot. Now Dre knows the pick and roll is my game. I looked at Dre and called out;

"Read the Game ! Read the Game Dre!"

Dre should have read my game.

Apologies for the hiatus. Apart from festival celebrations, it's been a heavy month of junior rugby, stepping into the world of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu AND ofcourse, got to help out at Asean Top Baller again.

Next Read My Game Article, coming soon.


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